Our Mission Statement.

is to advance and secure the profession of Dental Hygiene, provide representation and preservation of the interests of dental hygienists, provide a consultative body to whom reference may be made by public or private bodies for guidance in connection with the dental hygiene profession, to improve and ensure access to quality oral care and to increase awareness of the cost-effective benefits of prevention.

 Our Vision Statement

 Enhance and advocate the profession of dental hygiene by improving professionalism, autonomy, access to quality oral health care, and disseminate the relationship of oral health to overall health.


Our Goals.

  • To promote the advancement of the Dental Hygiene profession

  • To safeguard the Code of Ethics and Practice of the profession

  • To maintain and update standards of Dental Hygiene with current developments

  • To liaise, in an advisory capacity, with health authorities, professional bodies and voluntary organisations, related issues related to Dental Hygiene.

  • To raise public awareness regarding dental hygiene.

  • To maintain international and local communications with similar organisations.

  • To provide opportunities for continuous professional development hereby educating, updating and inspiring its members.

  • To issue and maintain a newsletter published annually.

  • To maintain a website related to the profession

  • To voice opinions on dental hygiene related issues

  • To promote the advancement of the Dental Hygiene profession